Your Health Insurance Advocate

In our line of work, we take great pride in the positive comments and notes that we receive from our clients. Following are some excerpts from emails and letters written to Claim Relief staff from some of our clients.

"More important than money, you saved us time, precious time that my wife and I were able to spend together."

"Once again, you are my heroes. What would I do without Claim Relief?"

"Thanks for helping us finally understand our health insurance coverage. No amount of reading policies or talking to customer service reps provided the clarity that Claim Relief did for us."

"I am deeply appreciative of your assistance with my recent insurance problem. I was going in circles and you folks somehow made sense of it and straightened things out once and for all. Whew!"

" glad you were able to assist me with my Medicare choices. There were so many insurance companies sending me stuff and calling that I didn't know what to do."

"As you know, I've been sick for a long time but one thing I've been able to count on is that my paperwork and claims are being handled the right way. I just don't have the energy to deal with keeping track of all that stuff along with everything else ..."

"I'm glad to know that there is someone out there doing what you do!"

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