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About our team...

Jeffrey Pavia
President of Claim Relief, Inc., having acquired the company from Barbara Melman in 2011.

Jeff has nearly 30 years of experience managing and directing insurance operations for two prominent carriers in the insurance industry. As an insurance professional, he implemented a unique approach to customer service, focused on handling customer complaints and addressing service problems, combining technology with personal responsiveness and organizational accountability. Now Jeff brings this industry experience and problem-solving methodology to Claim Relief's clients.

Barbara Melman
Founder of Claim Relief, Inc., established in 1984.

Barbara spent seventeen years as a medical insurance claim adjustor for several different carriers and developed a proficiency for spotting claim filing problems and processing errors. After turning this expertise into her own company, Barbara went on to develop her role as an expert in health insurance matters, advocating for the insurance consumer and patient.

Barbara speaks to many cancer groups and professional organizations. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and has been featured in publications including Crains Chicago Business, Pulitzer Lerner Newspapers, Saving Social Security and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Barbara Levey
Joined Claim Relief, Inc. in 1987.
Barbara Levey's background as a manager and sales representative provides her with the effective communication skills needed to assist our clients.

Over the years, Barbara has become a crusader to her large and loyal following. She works tirelessly and persistently to make sure her clients receive the benefits they were not able to obtain on their own.
In addition to those profiled above, all Claim Relief associates have significant insurance-industry experience to effectively assist and advocate for our clients based on their individual needs and unique situation.

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