Your Health Insurance Advocate

About us...
Claim Relief, Inc. serves individuals, law firms, trusts and families of medical patients who are drowning in the hopeless sea of red tape and frustration of insurance and healthcare claims.

By becoming an advocate, fighting to get claims paid and benefits restored, by lending a strong, compassionate hand, the team at Claim Relief has quite literally saved financial lives while helping clients avoid the confusion and turmoil that can result from insurance battles.

About what we do...

Claim Relief, Inc. deals with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and medical care providers to make sure all claims for benefits due are correctly submitted and processed.

Claim Relief is your advocate, appealing claims to the proper sources if we believe they have been unjustly denied or improperly handled. We can also keep track of your claims, EOBs (explanation of benefits) and related paperwork to ensure correct processing and advise you of any patient portion due. We can also assist you in making payments that are due.

Claim Relief can review your medical insurance coverage to determine if you are receiving the best value for the premium you are paying and the level of protection you desire. We can also assist you with Medicare and Medicaid-related questions and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.
And because we do not sell or market insurance plans, you can rely on unbiased information with your specific needs in mind.

Claim Relief, Inc. makes sure you and your family understand any out-of-pocket expense you may incur after your insurance has paid its part. We pride ourselves on providing caring, supportive service for family members during what can be a confusing and difficult time

When you need someone on your side in the often bureaucratic and impersonal world of health insurance, Claim Relief is here for you.

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